Reinstating Healthy Habits (Plus The Healthy Living Bundle Flash Sale)

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I was making such good post-baby progress on my health goals this fall. I was exercising five days a week, eating nourishing food, prioritizing sleep, and consciously caring for my mental health. Of course it wasn’t perfect 100% of the time, but I was headed steadily in the right direction.

Reinstating Healthy Habits

But then, life hit me. Thanksgiving through Christmas was a bit of a wash in the health department. I worked too much, stayed up too late, ate too much, and may or may not have indulged in way more sugar than I should have. I went into survival mode and dropped the ball on almost every wellness goal I had been working on.

I imagine the busyness and corresponding downfalls of the season is one of the reasons people end up setting New Year’s resolutions so readily. December, with all of its merry making, cookie baking, and feasting can get the best of almost anyone. (Right? Or is it just me?)

I don’t beat myself up over a few bad weeks. I think the over-indulgence of Christmas is just part of the natural ebb and flow of the seasons. That being said, I can feel the awful difference in my body between being an active, mindful eater vs. a sluggish, cookie-vacuum machine. I am SO ready to reform and do better come January.

I don’t usually make formal resolutions, but I do have intentions to press my own “health reset button”- because heaven knows I need it! Here are my health goals for January:

  • Exercise 5x days/week.
  • Plan and eat balanced, wholesome meals.
  • Limit sugar intake.
  • Give myself a 10:00 p.m. bedtime.

I’m the type of person who thrives on using tools (or gimmicks) to keep me motivated in areas of health, cleaning, or what-have-you. (This post contains affiliate links.) One of my favorite tools that I keep returning to is the Healthy Living Bundle that I purchased last fall.

If you missed it back in September, there’s good news- it’s back for two days only- today and tomorrow- and is packed full of awesome resources to get you back into your healthy groove. (Cause that’s a thing. I groove to health all the time. 😉 )

You can read my full review of the Healthy Bundle here, but let me highlight three resources that really went to work for me last fall:

  • The Thrive 90 Fitness Program– This 90 day workout program (valued at $47) includes daily exercises that can all be done at home with minimal equipment in 30 minutes or less. After completing over a month of this course, I felt much stronger and more energetic- two things that a mom of three littles can really benefit from!
  • Oh Lardy’s Guide to Fermenting. (Valued at $9.99) This book was the one that really got me started on fermentation. Tamara and Kelly dish out the science and many health benefits to fermentation, and share many tasty recipes to try. After my first few successful ferments, I never looked back. There’s almost always something sitting out on my counter with an airlock now! (You can find a recipe from the book here.)
  • Tired and Hungry Cook’s Companion. Of the twenty-three real-food resources included in this digital library (twenty-three!!!), this is my favorite so far. The two free months of healthy meal plans from Kresha at Nourishing Joy (valued at $24) are complete with over 65 recipes a month, ingredient checklists, and family dinner activities. I can’t even tell you how much money, time, and decision fatigue this meal planner has saved me. I sense a full review coming in the future.

These three resources alone are worth almost 3x the price of the entire bundle, but there’s so much more that it includes! There’s paleo and allergy-friendly recipes, natural home and natural health solutions, basic homesteading skill books, and healthy pregnancy and baby reads. It’s 90+ health resources for under $30- now that’s a way to kick-start your new year!

Remember, the bundle is only available today and tomorrow, so make sure to grab yours before it disappears for another year. I’m so looking forward to getting back in gear and working towards better health all-around. What are your goals for January?

When you purchase the Healthy Living Bundle, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. As always, I only promote products that I have experience with and truly value. Thank you in advance for supporting our family in this way!


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