31 Days of Homemade Music

Welcome to my 31 Days Series on Homemade Music! This series is meant to give you a rationale for being an active participant in music-making and give you ideas for beginning your own musical journey.

“Music making. In our day and age, you only make music if you’re in school or if you’re a performer of some sort. The rest of us may sing along in the car or at church, or enjoy dancing at a wedding, but very few of us make music for ourselves as a personal discipline, much less as a family. Even professional musicians are guilty of abandoning the joy of commonplace music making, and spend time practicing only for their jobs rather than for the art’s sake itself…

The problem is that the culture at large is so separated from actually producing music that we’ve lost sight of it as an art, a traditional skill, or even as a fun family activity.”  (Taken from the introduction to the series.)

homemade music3

Want to know more? I will progressively work through reasons why anyone can benefit from music making- yourself, your children, even the culture as a whole. I’m also going to give you some places to start- some inspirations and ideas to get you enjoying the art together.

This is the central hub were you can find all of the posts in this series in one list. It will be updated daily throughout the month. I would love your feedback so that I can work to make this series as helpful as possible to anyone who reads it. Thanks in advance! Here’s the links to each day in the series:

  1.  31 Days of Homemade Music (Introduction)
  2. My Music Story
  3. The Arts: The Only Subjects That Educate the Soul
  4. Music, Among Other Disciplines
  5. Why Expose Your Children to Deeper Music?
  6. So, Why Don’t We Make More Music?
  7. Five Free Ways to Listen to Good Music
  8. Listening Through History, Part 1
  9. Listening Through History, Part 2
  10. Tips for Actively Listening to Unfamiliar Music
  11. Instruments that You May Already Have
  12. Let’s Get Singing Rounds!
  13. Call & Response
  14. Part Singing
  15. Resources for Singing
  16. Playing with Percussion
  17. Rhythm Reading 101
  18. Note Reading 101
  19. Beginner Piano Resources
  20. Listening Activities: Peter and the Wolf
  21. Listening Activities: Carnival of the Animals
  22. Listening Activities: Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
  23. Introduction to Folk Music
  24. Story Folk Songs
  25. Songs for Social Change
  26. Spirituals
  27. Children’s Folk Songs
  28. Resources for Folk Music
  29. Church Music for Newbies
  30. Resources for Church Music
  31. Wrapping Things Up

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