The Third Bean

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There have been signs that are less obvious. The snacking. The peeing in the night. The early bedtimes.

There have been the signs that are equal parts amusing and unsettling. Like when I do very stupid things without thinking. As in, put the eggs on top of the plates in the cupboard. Or put the crackers in with the cups. Or try to brew coffee through my plastic coffee grinder lid instead of through a filter.

Yeah. My brain is getting less reliable.

There are, of course, the much more obvious signs. Like puking. And gagging. And thinking my grass-fed butter smells disgusting. (What?!?) And have you noticed I’ve stopped posting recipes? That’s because I’ve completely given up my cooking duties to my husband.

And then, of course, there’s the fact that my pants are starting to be hard to button.

January 2015 027

(Taken about two weeks ago… can you guess what’s in there?)

It is with joy and humility and gratitude that I share the news: God willing, we will become a family of five this August.

Wish us luck? 😉


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