Growing Gratitude

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The past couple of weeks have been nuts with preserving the end of the season’s harvest. I’m beginning to feel really DONE with canning/preserving. Tired of it. No more, please.

I’ve got about 50 jars of tomato-something-or-others (whole tomatoes, salsa, sauce), many more of a variety of jams and fruit spreads, countless bags of frozen zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, beets and I can’t remember what else. I’ve pressure canned soups, vegetable sauce, and roasted red peppers. I still have to do the rest of my peppers, my winter squash, my herbs, our black walnuts, some leftover tomatoes and apples… Sick. of. preserving.

What’s more, when I’m preserving, housework goes by the wayside. Remember that clean home challenge? That was great for about 2 weeks until I got into the thick of this… look at what food preservation does to my house:

sept 2014 002

sept 2014 006

sept 2014 007

(Just keeping it real, folks.)

But lest I be tempted to complain, let me put some things into perspective…

Look. This is a LOT of food.

Sept 2014 018

Yes, it was a lot of work too, but it will provide sustenance at a very low price tag for our family for months to come.

Let me remind myself that come wintertime, I will be SO happy to have garden-fresh tomatoes to put into my stews and delectable fruit spreads for my yogurt and toast. I will be thrilled to pop open a can of cubed pumpkin for pie, or to toss frozen greens into my casserole.

Sept 2014 019

And I will be so thankful for the savings on our grocery bill. All of this food will essentially cut out the need to buy canned or frozen goods for the year. It’s a bounty of organic food at my fingertips for the cost of a few packs of seeds and a little labor, compared to paying double or triple the price of conventional grocery food. This is a huge. (What other way besides gardening and preserving can you get well-sourced, local, pesticide-free, nourishing food for pennies on the dollar?)

Not to mention that the house can be put back in order, especially when you enlist the help of your industrious hubby. I will not die if I live in a huge mess for a few days.

Sept 2014 001

Next time I’m feeling like I need a round of canning recovery therapy, would somebody slap me upside the head and show me again how blessed I am? Maybe the thing I am supposed to glean most from all this preservation is not the food, but the thankfulness.

I am grateful, I am grateful, I am grateful. Let me never forget how good it is to work and take joy in it. Thank you, God, for the harvest.


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