Good Pickins’ #3

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This week, we took our kiddos to the county fair for Labor Day and tried canning pear mincemeat. My daughter is on sleep strike as she cuts a new tooth, so it makes catching significant Z’s a real challenge. If you see any funny typos now you know why…

V Aug 2014

And now for this week’s pickins’:

Tips for Working with Sourdough– Some great hints from the Nourished Kitchen for those of us playing with sourdough on a frequent basis. Starters can be temperamental things, so it’s nice to have a little insight into how how to coax them to cooperate.

An Unplanned Cesarean– From the Eliott Homestead. This mama has an amazing story- Let’s just say this so I don’t ruin it for you entirely- two uteruses, three babies, 2 cesareans and a VBAC, and a wonderful, God-glorifying attitude.

Chicken Care Guide– From Fresh Eggs Daily. We really, really are hoping to get chickens in the near future. If you know us, this has been a dream for over a year now, and it’s just been tricky to get around to actually building a coop and obtaining the birds. We are closer now than ever before with the parts from a free coop now in our yard (though they need repair and re-thinking) and rough plans made for re-construction. One day, my friends, one day. Until then, I can study up with this wonderful collection of chicken care posts.

Songs of Travel– One of my favorite song cycles, written by Raulph Vaughan Williams, sung by Bryn Terfel. If you don’t know what a song cycle is, it’s meant to be listened to all together. It tells a story. So enjoy the whole playlist in order and in its entirety.

Hope your Saturday is brilliant.


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