Good Pickins’ #2

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This week, my hubby returned to teach middle school, my son and I started the first week of our new preschool curriculum, I tried canning pickles for the first time out of the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preservation (here’s the newer, more extensive version that I don’t have yet: Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving), and I’m catching up on laundry after a few very busy days. In the middle of it all, I found some links for you to peek at. Here ya go:

Classic Marinara Sauce– This week, I made marinara sauce from our Amish Paste tomatoes, and this is the recipe I used to do it! It was very tasty and canned well. I’m looking forward to breaking it open when the weather gets cool.

How to Pressure Can Meat, Poultry, and Fish– This post from The Self Sufficient Homeacre came just in time- I am planning on a pressure canner arriving today at my house. I am SO super excited to have my preservation options opened up beyond high-acid vegetables and fruits. This post gave me lots of ideas, including homemade soup- now that sounds like a great way to save garden bounty for busy winter days!

Bee Removal Specialist– A couple of weeks ago we had a real problem in our house- a European Hornet nest of several hundred members expanding steadily within our walls right above my daughter’s crib. I like house guests, but I think these guys were overstaying their welcome. After calling a bunch of extermination companies, we decided to go with an alternative option. We found bee-keepers who also remove nests from homes without spraying harmful insecticides or killing beneficial bees (whenever possible). Their cost was quite reasonable and they efficiently removed the nest in its entirety, leaving me to sleep easier at night. Turns out they’re part of a chain, so you can check them out too if ever you have a similar problem.

The Cost of Procrastination– An oldie but goodie from my real life friend at The Purposeful Wife. And a real kick in the pants as harvest season is in full swing.

What’s happening this week at your house? Have an adventurous Saturday!


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