Good Pickins’ #18

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Sub-zero temperatures have racked our area the past two weeks. I can’t wait to get into March and maple-sugaring season, so I can be out trekking down the hill in the sunshine and mild temperatures to haul up sap to pour over the fire… There is something wonderfully invigorating about it!

February 2015 004This girl is hysterical. She wants sunglasses, shoes, necklaces, and dancing. And I’m not a girly girl mama. But apparently, this little one wants to be the star of the party whenever she can- even when she’s practicing on the potty. 😀

This week’s pickins’ are child-centered- hopefully some of these are as helpful to you as they were to me.

How I Stopped Yelling at My Kids– From Money Saving Mom. I am totally with Crystal on this one. It’s so easy to get into the cycle of frustration, snapping, yelling, and creating an all-in-all unpleasant home. Her story has inspired me to try a similar move to try to create a more peaceful, calm, and loving home.

How to Talk to Kids About Their Art– I really struggle with not dictating J’s artwork- or pointing out my observations first without letting him tell me what he was thinking. Check out this short but helpful post from the Artful Parent on constructive ways to talk to children about their artwork.

Just One– It’s so easy to forget how much we have in this country. Even the poorest of us have far more than those in poverty-stricken third world countries. I write about frugality and resourcefulness- but for these families, their lives are about just getting by. Ruth Soakup has been in the Dominican Republic this week, working to get more children sponsored through Compassion International. A friend and I split the sponsorship for a child through this program for years and years, and Ruth’s writing has been reminding me that there are children out there, just like my own children, who need the help- the help that is really not so hard for me to give. I can’t speak to when we will definitely begin sponsoring another child, but the issue has been heavy on my heart and mind recently. It is something we can all consider.

Have a blessed Saturday! 🙂



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