BushelBox Review

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Imagine what healthy, sustainable food looks like to you.

Delicious breakfast granola with nutritious ingredients. Healthy snacks on the go when you’re running from place to place.  A delectable cup of organic afternoon tea.  Food that you know is helping community members across the world instead of farming them out for profit. Food that you feel good about.

Expensive food. Am I right?

BushelBox Review

But what if you could get your favorite healthy products at a discount?  Let me introduce you to Kimmy from BushelBox.

BushelBox is a new site that allows friends to go in together to order high quality products at bulk pricing. Shipping costs are divided between the friends’ orders, and the box is shipped to one central location for distribution. Here are some questions I asked Kimmy about her company.

Abi: How did BushelBox get started?

Kimmy: Three years ago a group of mamas and I wanted to keep feeding our families healthy organic foods but for less money so we started a buying club. We bought food in bulk form local producers at a discount and distributed amongst ourselves. I have passion now to help other families be able to do the same thing. That is why we built BushelBox. Anyone can buy delicious products at awesome discounts by sharing the savings with their neighbors.

A: How does BushelBox work?

K: The way it will work is simple- anyone can start a buy for whatever product they want. They can place their order and invite their friends. Payment will take place on the site and even deal with complicated stuff like dividing up shipping costs! The goods will get shipped to one house and distributed from there.

A: What kind of products can you buy from BushelBox?

K: Currently, Bushel Box offers a variety of foods, including various snacks, teas, nut butters, beef jerky, granola, dried fruits, nuts, and more.

BushelBox values supporting small companies with quality organic, non-GMO products. Currently, you can place orders from one company at a time. The folks at BushelBox are always working towards finding other quality foods to make available on their site.

Bushel Box goodies

Kimmy generously provided me with a sample box of delightful goodies to review for you. Here’s what came in my box. (You can click the links to find out more about each individual company.)

  • Labrang tea. Fair Trade and organic Black Jasmine tea. This tea was a delicate blend of traditional black tea and floral notes from the Jasmine. It made a perfect cup for afternoon quiet time. (This is available 20% off retail price from BushelBox.).
  • Young Mountain Tea– Fabulous, fair trade teas made in the Himalayan mountains. I love my teas, and these loose-leaf delights were a true treat. (20% off retail.)
  • Bliss Nut Butter– Peanut butter with chia seeds from a woman-owned nut butter company. The only problem with this peanut butter is that I am no longer satisfied with my regular stuff. I want to eat it ALL THE TIME. It’s seriously addicting, and will most likely be what I place my first bulk order of from Bushel Box! (30% off retail.)
  • Masala Pop– Amazingly complex, non-GMO, Indian-inspired flavored popcorn made by a woman-owned company. This was also one of my favorite snacks. Our bag of Masala Pop was the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. My kids (surprisingly!) gobbled it too. Needless to say, I had to hide it.  (20% off retail.)
  • Nick Sticks– Grass fed spicy beef sticks with no fillers. These little sticks packed a quick protein-punch, perfect for any on-the-go parent. They are also available as turkey sticks. (35% off retail.)
  • Cafe Mam– Shade grown, fair trade, organic coffee. This was delicious! I’m no coffee snob, but you could tell this was great stuff. Also, more importantly, they are committed to ethical work practices and creating a quality product. (15% off retail)

Advantages to Bushel Box

  • Some areas have wholesale buying co-ops readily available, but they are often dependent on a specific location and pick-up date. If it’s not convenient for you, then you’re less likely to take advantage of the savings.
  • You have the opportunity to purchase unique foods at wholesale pricing.
  • You can order from anywhere.
  • Shipping costs are split with friends who order with you.
  • There’s no membership fee to join BushelBox.
  • Kimmy is personally supportive, and answers any questions you might have promptly.

I was thrilled with my box of samples from BushelBox catalogs. While my budget wouldn’t allow me to purchase these foods at retail price, I could occasionally indulge in some of my favorites by taking advantage of the savings that BushelBox offers. The foods were delicious and I knew that they were being made with sustainable practices. Even better, by purchasing from BushelBox, I know I’m supporting various small business owners.

Ready to try some quality sustainable products at a discount? Check out BushelBox today!




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