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2014 review

Happy New Year, everyone! I’ve been writing here since August, and today, just for fun, I thought would check out which posts got the most traffic from my newbie blog. When I say traffic, I’m not talking tons here, so don’t worry- I’m not letting it go to my head.

I thought it was interesting to find that the most popular posts centered around my family. A couple of birth posts and homesteading posts made it higher on the list, but in general, family still remained central to my heart, my writing, and my reader response. I’ll be honest, it warmed my heart to know that the things closest to my very soul meant the most to you too.

So here they are: the top ten posts from 2014 on my humble little blog. Enjoy!


10) Advantages to Choosing a Homebirth– Despite its growing popularity, home birth isn’t really an option most folks would consider. In this post I outlined some of the advantages a home birth boasts over hospital birth for low-risk women.


9) How We Deal with Santa– We don’t encourage belief in a magical Santa Claus, but we do teach our kids about who the real Old Saint Nick was and enjoy the cultural tradition of Santa. Opinions, anyone?


8) What Does a Doula Do? -A lot of folks don’t know a doula from a hole in the ground. Even if you know she works with pregnant women, you may not know how she is different from a doctor or midwife and what exactly her role might be. I adapted one of my client handouts for your informational blog-reading pleasure. Read on.


7) Lessons From my 88 Year Old Grandmother (And Her 63 Year Old Toaster)– My grandmother has taught me many things, but she has particularly emphasized lessons in frugality, maintaining her possessions carefully, and contentment with what she has over whatever new contraptions are available. A stark contrast to the habits of expendability most of us practice today, my Mam has a lot of wisdom to offer.


6) Two of a Kind– This post was a story of how my son and I, who often butt heads, are really more alike than I often think. Anyone else experience a similar phenomenon?

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5) My About Page- The fifth most visited page on this blog was my about page. That’s probably because I have such a weird blog name. If you don’t know the lunacy behind why I bought www.theyrenotourgoats.com, pop over and read it.


4) What Does a Preschooler Need to Know? – Sometimes what a preschooler needs to know isn’t so much his ABCs and 123s, as much as a little freedom to learn and grow and assurance of love and security.

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3) Making Our Cob Oven– Our old world earthen oven is a unique feature on the block, and provides us with some mean pizza and deliciously crusty breads. Besides that, it gives us an alternative cooking source that can be used in any weather, without electricity. This post, written by my hubby, explains how he made it.


2) Six Years and Counting– My second most viewed post was our love story and anniversary celebration from this last September!


1) Apple-Honey Jelly (Made From Peels and Cores)– And my most viewed post over this past year? Was how to make apple jelly using only peels and cores, with no added pectin or sugar. I was surprised that this one was the most popular, but I think Pinterest had something to do with that!

Thanks for sticking around for my first half-year on the blog and for all of your support. I look forward to sharing our journeys together in 2015!




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