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June Garden Tour

It’s always amazing to me how quickly things sprout up in the spring and early summer. It seems like all it takes is a month to go from a nearly barren land to a yard bursting with green stuff and activity.

This photo was taken only two weeks ago:


And now look at it!

June 2015 046

This is the same patch, just a different angle. We were amazed by the amount of growth in such a short time. All my hubby’s hard spring work is coming to fruition, and we are always thrilled to admire the plants’ development.

Tim went around photographing the other day, and I thought I’d steal his pictures and take you on a visual tour of what’s growing around here.

June Garden TourWe’ve got some potted marigolds, and some growing throughout the garden. They’re good as a natural pest control. Plus they’re pretty.

Here’s our raspberries coming along:

June 2015 023
The gigantic mint patch is thriving, as usual:

June 2015 026And the tarragon is doing well:

June 2015 027Here’s the kousa dogwood, which flowers for quite a long time before it puts out little edible berry-type fruit. (I know, I know, the chickens are out again. Our fencing has a hole in it. Sigh.)

June 2015 029

Here’s an array of some of the lovely blooms throughout the flower beds:

June 2015 032 June 2015 034 June 2015 036 June 2015 038 June 2015 039And here are the main garden plots. The furthest, long, skinny bed holds corn, squash, and beans. The middle is the main garden plot that we established two years ago, expanded last year, and incorporated no-till beds into this year. The closest plot on the right is J’s first little garden. He helped to pick the plants, plan it with Dada, and plant the seedlings. Now he loves going out to see the progress of his plants. (“Mama! I have my first CUUUUcumber!”)

June 2015 040Speaking of that cucumber…

June 2015 041We’ve got beans coming in just about every bed (they’re inoculated to fix nitrogen around our heavy feeders); here they are near the sunflowers (which will hopefully serve as trellises in time):

June 2015 044And radishes bustin’ out! We’ve had a hard time getting perfectly formed radishes in years past, but this year the bed was prepped with tons of fall leaves that composted over the winter and were then mowed finely–the results have been excellent. The bed is so light and aerated: June 2015 047There’s kale growing tall:

June 2015 049We’ve got a bed full of squash, beans, and corn (the “three sisters”):June 2015 052(We’ll be in zucchini up to our ears soon, I’m certain!)June 2015 055The blueberries are coming- can you spy them peeking out?June 2015 059And there’s lots more berry bushes lining the back ponds (they were already here, but we trellised them this year):June 2015 060

The elderberry bush is in bloom! (Lucky for us, there was already an established elderberry bush on our property! One of the wonderful things we didn’t know about until after we bought the house.)June 2015 064

We have nice tall second-year asparagus in one of our swales–next year or the year after we should be able to begin to harvest it. (You can see one of the several trees we recently planted near it–this one is a plum). June 2015 068

The quince is forming nicely (maybe it will finally be a full crop!): June 2015 070And the apple trees are putting out a lot of baby apples too! We’ve been working hard to prune them into good health and it looks as if this year it may be paying off.

There’s a lot more growing, but these are just some of the seasonal highlights. Hopefully I didn’t bore you too much with all of those photos… It’s just that I get so excited each year when it all starts coming in.

We are looking forward to the continual harvest over the next several months. 🙂 What’s growing in your garden?