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Twenty-One Homemade Cereal Recipes

Last week when I was grocery shopping, I caught myself eyeing up the boxes of glorious crunchy sweet stuff in the cereal aisle. It’s expensive. It’s not all that good for you. In fact, most of it is downright bad for you. Walk away, walk away.

I did end up getting one (just one!) box of Cheerios because they were on sale. And they’re not too sugary, right? But let’s not make excuses here- I was just rationalizing because they sounded tasty. In fact, cereal was one of the only things I could get down during my first trimester with this baby. And whenever I’m someplace that has cereal for breakfast, whether I’m pregnant or not, I can’t help myself.

Sometimes, a girl just wants cereal.

Enter homemade versions of my ongoing craving. You can choose nourishing ingredients, control the sweetness, avoid artificial colors and flavors, and bypass the processing that most commercial cereal goes through.

June 2015 003Last week I made a big batch of buttery granola with unsweetened dried fruit, nuts, and vanilla- and consumed the whole thing over the course of the week (along with my fair share of fresh goat milk). It was delightful, and I was rather sad when the mix was gone.

Homemade granola is probably the simplest cereal to make at home. While it may seem boring, or too “crunchy” for your tastes, the possible flavor combinations of homemade granola are limitless! You may find a granola recipe that you actually really love, even if it’s not normally your thing.

But did you know you can make some other types of cereal at home too? Corn flakes, bran flakes, even cocoa puffs! These recipes are certainly more labor intensive than homemade granola, but worth considering if your family loves their bowl at breakfast.

Browsing all these recipes made me hungry… so I made a round-up for you. You’re welcome. 😉

Twenty-One Homemade Cereal RecipesFlake Cereals:


Granola Goodness New



And don’t forget to try it with chocolate…


Don’t want to turn on the oven in the heat? Try it in a slow cooker:

Allergy-Friendly and/or Healthier Grains

Grain Free Granola

Or, you could just skip the cereal and go for these berry oatmeal breakfast cookies from Untrained Housewife. 😉


What’s your favorite homemade cereal recipe? Favorite granola add-ins? Share below so I can be inspired to try something new this week. Hope you enjoy cooking (and eating) your way through these recipes!