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Good Pickins #15

This week, walking through the grocery store, my son spied a box of Kix in the cereal aisle. “Ooh, mama,” he said, with a gleam in his eye, “Can we get these, please???”

All the reasons that cereal isn’t all that good for you flashed through my mind as I considered. The price below the box had no sale sticker on it, either. I hesitated. “It’s not on sale, J…”

“Please, mama?” J requested again, very sweetly, and without a hint of whining in his voice.

I held firm for a moment, not wanting to give into supermarket bargaining techniques. And then I thought to myself, Well, why the heck not? I so rarely give into my kid’s random snacking desires that I decided it wouldn’t do any harm- at least not when it’s done as a treat.

“Okay, we can get it this time, honey. It’s fine.”

J leapt out of the car cart, wrapped his arms around my legs, and said delightfully, “I love you, mama.”

“I love you too, J.” I replied. The woman across the aisle chuckled to herself, and I smiled to myself. “He loves me. I bought him Kix,” I informed the stranger.

Sometimes, I let go of my real foodie ideals and just enjoy the fun I have with this kiddo.

January 2015 013

Speaking of groceries… here’s the first of your weekly reading!

My $170 Grocery Budget Challenge– And I thought my $280 was good! Shannon, a contributor on The Humbled Homemaker, shares how she managed to feed her family of four on $170 for a whole month. After hearing where she cut the corners to do it, I felt inspired to see if I could cut our budget a little more next month too. Shannon makes readers realize that most of us probably have more resources to make dinner than we think we do, if we will just be willing to sacrifice favorites and be a little more creative.

Transformed Talk– A written sermon of sorts on taming the tongue and using our words for edification, rather than the opposite. This particularly spoke to me this week and I wanted to share it with you.

The Deep Litter Method of Waste Management in Chicken Coops– The Chicken Chick lays out the dos and don’ts of the deep litter method for chicken coops. Essentially, you don’t clean out the coop on a regular basis. Instead, you continue to add more litter on top of the old stuff & the poop, and allow the litter and waste to compost throughout the season. Of course, you have to be careful about excess moisture, unturned litter, and other hazards of the method- read on if you’d like to know all the gory details!

Embracing the Pain and Letting Go of Fear in Childbirth-An old post from Lindsey of Passionate Homemaking. This has been a long time favorite of mine, and one that I would often pass on to my birth clients. Lindsey talks about how the pain in childbirth has a purpose, and how understanding that purpose takes away some of the mystery and fear of it all. She also has some wonderful ideas for how to change a fearful mindset towards childbirth. As it turns out, embracing the process can actually make it all a little easier!

Have a brilliant Saturday. 🙂