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Good Pickins’ #6

This week has been more of a preservation whirlwind, though I think my canning to-do list is finally winding down. I’ve been visiting our chickens outside on a regular basis and happily watching them peck at the earth and catch grasshoppers with great skill. Home preschool is in full swing, and J is teaching me how to relax a bit and give him a little bit more freedom in his learning. V is saying a few words and expressing herself through toddler-style interpretive dance on a regular basis. 😉

Sept 2014 013(He’s pretending to can these apples… I love this kid.)

September is coming to a close. I’ve immersed myself in thoughts of speckled pumpkins and bumpy gourds of flaming colors, and enjoyed more than a few cups of fresh raw cider. Soon I’ll be snuggling into my sweaters and boots for the deep autumn that eventually leads to snow.

In the meantime, I still enjoy sharing some of my favorite finds from the week with you. Here come the pickins’ for this Saturday:

Fighting for a Sane Food System– Self-proclaimed “lunatic farmer” Joe Salatin is at it again, combating the argument that a desire for nutritious food is equivalent to elitism, and opening the conversation about the cost of his so-called “integrity food.” If you’ve ever been interested about the true costs of eating “real food” vs. prepared/processed/industrial market food, this article is for you. (I warn you, the man is passionate.)

Breaking Free from Real Food Burnout– From Trina Holden. Trina is full of inspiring, healthy ideas for eating wholesome, nourishing food- but what happens when you just get sick of feeding your sourdough starter and cooking from scratch and eating veggies for snacks? Trina talks about how to get over “real food burnout” with a healthy dose of grace. (I’m just starting to read Trina’s new book on the topic now, so you can expect to hear more about our own real food journey in the near future.)

Time Management for New Moms- Are you a mom of a new baby (or just young children in general)? Rachel provides a unique and flexible framework for thinking about when to get all those things done that you need to get done.

And, finally, a video on “chicken tunnels” to help work your garden beds. If you don’t have chickens this will make you want to get them. Right???

Have a glorious Saturday!