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Thirty Free Ways to Enjoy Christmas

I am made increasingly ill each passing year by all the consumerism that comes hand-in-hand with Christmas. There’s too much plastic stuff we don’t need, a spirit of I-must-have-it-all-and-then-some, and far more spending than is necessary. While I enjoy the gift giving itself, I am downright sick of the commercial craze. Why can’t we find free ways to enjoy Christmas?

Ideally, I would spend my December enjoying the season instead of worrying about gift giving and receiving.  I would love to just be content to read Christmas stories, cook festive meals, decorate the tree, and sing carols.

I’m not against a gift exchange at all! I do love a sweet small exchange of meaningful gifts among family or close friends. However, I don’t like how easy it is to fall prey to excessive spending each Christmas season- and how much the gift buying can take our focus off of what’s more important.

30 Free Ways to Enjoy Christmas

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