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Good Pickins’ #9 (Thanksgiving Edition 2014)

I get so excited around holiday time ever since my hubby started teaching middle school. He gets the same breaks as the kids, so that means I get him home from Wednesday afternoon on! We will be traveling to my grandmother’s house for Turkey-Day this year, so we will be able to thoroughly immerse ourselves in Thanksgiving celebrations without worrying about our own house.

To celebrate, I want to share with you some of my favorite Thanksgiving reads! I’ll add them by category this week so I can fit a few more in. A few are mine, but most are finds from around the blog-o-sphere.

Activities & Crafts for Kids- Heaven knows its hard to keep up with the kids when you’re trying to cook too- especially when you’re cooking a big meal, and even more so if you’re not in your own home for the holidays. How about picking one of the ideas from this list to help keep your kiddos busy on Thanksgiving day? You could also use these as activities for the whole family when you have a little extra time this week.

Books- I love reading books with my little guy and gal at any season, and I particularly enjoy reading books that pertain to what’s going on in our real lives. Here are some of our favorite November/Thanksgiving books for you to peruse:

Decorations & Home Ideas- I am just about the furthest thing from Martha Stewart that you can be. But I like easy little decorations that make the table prettier on a holiday. I’ll be honest- I will probably only get to one of these projects, if any- but maybe you can try some of the others for me!

Recipes/Kitchen– How about something new for your Thanksgiving day table?  I am lucky enough to have my grandma and mom doing most of the cooking this year, so I will only be bringing my famous apple pie and a side dish or two. However, I may be drawing from this list of Turkey-day recipes and tips!

How will you be spending your Thanksgiving this year?


Have a festive Saturday!

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