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Good Pickins’ #4

This past week, with the help of family I canned plum preserves, pear sauce & slices, and homemade salsa. The chicken coop is in the works, though we’re trying to figure out the most efficient and functional ways we can recycle the materials we have. I’m trying to keep up on the clean home challenge. My progress is far from perfect (and you probably wouldn’t notice any difference), but I’m getting a little bit more done that I usually do, including those neglected projects that I usually push off.

And today? It’s our six year anniversary!! This post is auto-scheduled so I can be off enjoying my family instead of worrying about blog management. We plan to visit a butterfly house & watch a Monarch release with the kiddos, then off to a hot dinner date with my favorite guy. 😉

timabi7(Thanks for the photo, Sarah!)

And now, on to the links…

Homemade Salsa– From Little House Living. I made 15 pints of this last year and it is hands down the best cooked salsa I’ve ever made. SO delicious! We ate it all by November or December! I just did another batch this week and hope to do one more before the end of the season if the garden cooperates.

Frauenliebe und Leben (Part 1 and Part 2)- Another song cycle. I couldn’t help myself. This cycle, translated “A Woman’s Life and Love” is a set of poems by Adelbert von Chamisso, written in 1830, then set to music by Robert Schumann. Each song tells a part of the story: First, a woman sees and falls in love with a man, then she admires his noble qualities. Next,  he returns her love, then proposes. After comes marriage, a child, and finally, death. It is old-fashioned & gloriously emotional. I highly recommend following along with a translation in hand.  This version is sung by Brigitte Faasbaender.

Starfall– A fun homeschooling resource. There’s lots of free activities and programs helping your child learn to read. (There are paid services as well, but we just use the free version.)  I don’t usually use computer based programs yet for J (I just don’t feel like he should get used to being in front of a screen all the time at his age), but we will use this site occasionally for a special treat.

10 Ways to Show Love to the Mom at Home– From Megan Tietz.  This post warmed my heart. I was having a particularly tough week with the kids, and just reading these suggestions helped me to feel encouraged. I’ve gotta do some of these for my mommy friends. It’s easy to forget how tiring it can all be sometimes.

Ok! That’s it for now! Have a splendid Saturday!