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Blueberry Recycled Art for Preschoolers

It’s blueberry season! But it was rather wet and dreary the day we were supposed to go to the blueberry farm, so we were stuck home instead. To hold us off til we could get some good pickin’s, J and I decided to make some rainy day blueberry art together.


First, we looked up some pictures of blueberry bushes to refresh our memory on what the plant actually looked like.  (It’s amazing the things we don’t observe until necessary.)


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Next, I took an old Styrofoam fruit tray and drew a few simple leaves in them with a pen so that the lines made a good indent in the foam. Then I cut out the leaves. Voila, recycled stamps!

Aug 2014 015

We got out a piece of craft paper and squirted out our poster paint onto a plate (green, yellow-green, and blue-green for variety). Then I let J get smearing and stamping. I tried to encourage him to stamp the leaves in groups, but he preferred a somewhat separated blueberry bush. 😉

Aug 2014 020

We set our craft paper up to dry, and next got out a sheet of newspaper. The little man decorated it with a generous squeeze of blue and red paint, then we crumpled it all up and opened it again. The result was a type of tie-dyed newspaper.

Aug 2014 026

Aug 2014 031

We set the newspaper up to dry and took a break with some blueberry themed books. Blueberries for Sal , The Blueberry Train, and Blueberries for the Queen were some of our favorite picks from the library.

Finally, after nap and dinner, we came back to our project. I had J practice cutting circles out of our purpley newspaper to make little paper blueberries.

Aug 2014 033

Next, we took some of our homemade Mod Podge and adhered the blueberries onto their bush. J decided to call it quits after only a small handful of berries… and there are no stems.. but you get the idea. For me, art with kids is more about the process than having it look perfect when its all done. So we’re keeping it real here!

Aug 2014 041

How do you celebrate blueberry season? Link up to your favorite book or craft to go with this delicious treat.

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