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In My Other Life

I wonder what the neighbors think, I thought as I sat cross-legged in my yard, my hair pinned up in twists on top of my head, foraging a colander full of dandelions for meals. I carried my weedish bounty indoors, then returned outside to climb into the chicken run in my skinny jeans and cute white flats. (How practical.) Then I came inside to do my make-up.

No, I haven’t gone crazy. I’m curling my hair. #nocurlingiron #curlyhair #concert #weirdo

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Now, I’m not generally a make-up girl. But I had a concert to sing in that night, so eyeliner & such was my duty.


(We got to sing a little of Tchaikovsky’s Pique Dame that night.) 

I’m often practicing vocalises or memorizing an aria while I’m milking the goat or shoveling chicken poop. It’s a good time to work on it, ya know? It’s just how things have been going around here- keeping our heads above water with the homestead by day, practicing music by night.

Music has been consuming more and more of our time recently- which has been wonderful! We’ve started taking on more private students, teaching preschool music classes, and looking for more professional performance work.

What’s more, my husband has spent the last two months or so rebuilding our garage and turning half of it into a private studio. We’ve been teaching and recording out this space, and it is really amazing to have a zone completely dedicated to our music making. It’s not quite complete yet, but it’s coming along. 

Room in process. #musicstudio #1950s #redcouch #secondhand #painting

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The painting in this picture is one of my father-in-law’s masterpieces, and we are so blessed by his generosity to be able to hang it on our wall.

And, of course, I haven’t been blogging as much because I had another business website to build! You can check it out here if you’d like, and/or support us by giving us a like on Facebook here. 😉

Never fear- I won’t be going anywhere. l love to have dirt under my nails, and all the stage time in the world won’t change that for me. To me, working with my hands and making music go hand in hand. The balance of labor and song make the days pleasant, homey, happy.

I love it.