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Good Pickins’ #30

This week, we are testing more goat-milking-in-peace theories, trying to finish up my husband’s school year, and wrapping up my voice students’ recitals. The garden is doing well and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance just yet. (And hopefully it won’t need as much this year thanks to some of the good practices shared in The Art of Gardening.)

gardenJune2015This week, I’ve been on a mission to try to make my mornings more effective. Since getting the goat, milking has added to my already frantic list of morning-to-dos. I was feeling tired of being groggy and rushing around before getting everyone out the door- which leads us to the first pick of the week. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Make Over Your Mornings– I got a free copy of Crystal Paine’s newest e-course for review. I saw it advertised on a morning I was feeling most desperate for a reset button for the first hour or two of my day. I’m not usually much of one for inspirational/self-help type courses, but let me tell you, this really has been effective so far in helping me to get ahead and have a good start to my day. My house is cleaner, I’m more productive, and I’m in a much better mindset by the time the rest of the house wakes up. Today is day 5 out of 14- I’ll be sure to share a full review once I complete the course.

10 Things to Do If You Wake Up Feeling Like a Grouch– I’ll admit it-I am often a morning grouch, particularly if I’m woken up by a child climbing on top of me. Maybe it will seem endearing in hindsight, but for now it just makes me want to hide under the covers. Crystal shares some great ideas here to help turn your morning around. (But thankfully, I find that I’m feeling a lot less grouchy now that I’m getting a better start to my mornings with Crystal’s course.)

When “Christian Parenting” Isn’t Christian– When J was a baby, I was overwhelmed by often-conflicting advice from my Christian friends in different crowds. I was always worried that I would somehow go astray by making the wrong parenting choices, and never felt secure that I was doing the right thing. I think I could have been spared a lot of agony if I had adopted this perspective earlier in my parenting career.

With that, I’ll leave you to enjoy the June sunshine and (perhaps?) end-of-school season for you families out there. Happy reading!

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