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Good Pickins #23

The ground is thawed! The ground is thawed! There’s chives and daffodils popping up! I see bugs in the house!  (I know that last one shouldn’t make me so excited, but it does, because it means we’re finally in spring.)

April 2015 055

The kids worked on their own little garden plot this week:

April 2015 013

And my hubby has our seedlings going strong indoors under the grow light:

April 2015 (Easter) 029On to the pickins’ for this week:

Foraging for Dandelions– Grow Forage Cook Ferment has a great round up of posts for gathering and using dandelions in a number of edible and health-related ways. Delicious!

Frugal and Free Landscape and Garden– Tim made a short retaining fence this week out of sawed branches, and I think it looks nice too. Check out The Coastal Homestead’s ideas for more free and cheap ideas for your yard and garden.

We Quit Our Fridge– Spring Mountain Living has a great post on going without refrigeration. Whether or not you think this is a necessary sacrifice, the alternate storage possibilities are eye-opening! While I don’t know that I’ll be giving up my fridge any time soon, I find the possibility fascinating.

Why I’m a Coupon Drop-Out– I loved this post from April Tells All. I tried couponing a couple of times, and always felt that I didn’t really need the things I was buying. April tells of a better way- finding well-raised, fresh, whole products through frugal sources or by making them yourself to save money and still eat well.

That’s it for today, folks. Have a sunshiney Saturday!