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Good Pickins’ #17

The past week and a half or so was hectic. My dad-in-law was hospitalized last week for what we initially thought was a stroke. Thankfully, it turned out he was having similar symptoms from complications from a car accident, and he is now home and recovering. I am immensely grateful to have this wonderful man- the father of my husband and four great brothers-in-law- home and feeling much better than he was!


We are also remembering several life markers this week- my grandmother just turned 88 on Monday, and my grandfather would have been 90 today if he were still living.


And seven years ago this week, Tim and I got engaged.


What a whirlwind of memories has come swirling back to me!

All that being said, we are hopping to it this weekend with a long to-do list, so I’ll keep the pickins’ short and sweet.

Weaving Learning Into Everyday Routines- This beautiful post reminds me to slow down and enjoy my children more. To invite them into my life and stop rushing to meet every deadline. To stress less. To build our relationship. Well worth the read.

The Real Truth About Boring Men– Not to criticize those guys who can pull off romantic proposals and movie-worthy surprises for their honeys. But rather, it praises the men who stay faithful and true in the day in/day out boring, everyday routines- and through the hardest times you will face together in life:

“And there is now and the beautiful boring, the way two lives touch and go deeper into time with each other.

The clock ticking passionately into decades.”

That’s it for today folks. Happy V-day, if you celebrate it. I’m off to enjoy my “boring” and absolutely amazing family. 🙂