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Good Pickins’ #16

I’m…. dreaming of a gree-eeen… spri-ing…. (Can you hear the tune to White Christmas in your head? Get on your Bing Crosby, everyone!)

I’ve been getting cabin fever with all this chilly weather, and I want nothing more than to get moving and active outside again. Yeah, I know I can still be active in the winter. But I’m such a cozy-upper- I want to surround myself with scarves and blankets and heaters- I have such a hard time dragging myself into the cold to get moving.

So in lieu of spring walks, weed pulling, stream-hiking, and other blood-pumping activities, I pulled out the incredible, amazing, fantastic…


january 2015 020

january 2015 019 (For some reason these kids kept bouncing and I couldn’t get a still picture of them!)

Well, the kids usurped my trampoline workout time, so here I am typing again instead… Alas. I shall just have to share with you this week’s pickins’.

Why Everyone Should Care About Rainwater Harvesting– Ever considered collecting your rainwater? Find out why and how in this friendly persuasive article.

10 Minute Infinity Scarf Tutorial – Check out this super simple jersey-knit infinity scarf! It’s one cut and one seam. Perfect for the novice sewer.

101 Tech-Free Toddler Activities– A free e-book for subscribers from a fellow blogger, Julie of Happy Strong Home.

How to Grow Luffas– What?!? Yes, you read that right. Did you know that luffas are actually the inside part of a gourd? This was absolutely fascinating to me! Head over to Little Sprouts Learning to read all about it.

While you do your reading, I’m off to brainstorm some other bouncy activity for myself. Have an energetic Saturday!