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$25 Grocery Challenge: Week One Plan

It’s week one. I’m suffering with slight anxiety spasms over restricting myself from running to the store for any slight craving this week. But that’s what blogging is for, right? VERY public accountability.

If you missed it, I am issuing a challenge to myself (and anyone who would care to join me) to only spend $25/week on groceries for the entire month of March to feed our family of four. Instead of buying whatever I want, I will shop my pantry first, opt to make certain items at home instead of buying them, and make do without that which won’t fit within my guidelines.

I went grocery shopping for the week. I bought:

  • Half gallon of whole milk to make yogurt- $2.59
  • 16-oz sour cream- $2.69

That’s it. Total spent this week: $5.28

Now, I may use my leftover $19.72 to buy some sprouting seeds like these. (I love eating sprouts!) I keep buying packs of 3 oz organic sprouts for $2.19- but when a pound of organic seeds (which gives you 7x that in sprouts) only costs between $12-17… It pays itself off pretty quickly and lasts much longer! I think that may be worth the investment.

I usually do my grocery planning starting on Mondays (because that’s when I usually go shopping). The following list is only to give you ideas and inspiration for inexpensive, healthy meals that are pantry/freezer cleaners. Here’s this week’s menu plan:

  • Monday: Home pressure-canned potato-leek soup with sourdough.
  • TuesdayBean & cheese burritos from Money Saving Mom, using her homemade refried bean recipe. I have a big bag of dried pinto beans in my cupboard and some tortillas too.
  • Wednesday– Tuna sandwiches on sourdough, with salad on the side.
  • Thursday– Roast chicken parts + roasted veggies + rice. The chicken bones are going to make stock afterwards.
  • Friday– Homemade pizza on sourdough crust. (I have cheese, homemade canned tomato sauce, and frozen peppers for my pizza.)
  • Saturday– Pasta + Veggies. Maybe a little frozen sausage.
  • Sunday– Leftover night.

Breakfasts: Yogurt & soaked muffins, or eggs (from our chickens) & sourdough.

Lunches: Leftovers. Almost always.

Snacks: Apples & peanut butter, veggies & homemade cream-cheese spread, yogurt, maybe a homemade granola or cracker if I have time to whip it up.

My prep for these meals: On Saturday, I made homemade yogurt and two loaves of sourdough. Hopefully this will last for the week!

Are you with me? We can do this! 😀

25 Grocery Challenge