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Festive Ferments for Your Holiday Table

Looking for the perfect dish to bring to your holiday gathering? Try something a little different this year and introduce your family and friends to the probiotic goodness of fermentation.

Bring a little something different to your holiday meal with one of these festive fermented recipes.

(Thanks to my children, all sorts of evergreens and pinecones have been entering our home recently… why shouldn’t you get to enjoy seeing them too? ūüėČ )

When most people think of fermented foods, they think it must taste nasty. I often defend fermentation by reminding folks that if they’ve ever eaten yogurt, they’ve eaten fermented milk. Sounds gross, but tastes yummy, right?

It is true, however, that fermented fruits and vegetables are often an acquired taste. That’s why its best to try them¬†in small amounts, or mixed into another recipe. I’ve made several of the ferments I’m going to share with you today, and found many of them to be newbie-friendly- or even hardly noticeable when added to other recipes.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are fermenting for the first time:

  • Use the right salt. Iodine and anti-caking agents can inhibit the growth of beneficial bacteria during fermentation. I typically use this Himalayan salt, but you can also use sea salt or any other unrefined salt.
  • Make sure your ferments aren’t exposed to air and be sure to release the gases produced during the process. I¬†love my handy-dandy fermenting¬†kit from Fermentools for this purpose, but you can make do without. Check the individual recipes for more details.
  • Be sure¬†not to heat your ferments thoroughly, as this kills all the beneficial bacteria you worked so hard to develop. Add fermented vegetables to a dish just before serving so they are only warmed through- not cooked.

If you’re fermenting for Christmas or New Years, now is the time to get started to ensure that the food is ready by the holiday. Here are some delicious recipes for you to try!

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Many thanks to the bloggers who shared these recipes. Which will you try first?