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Things You Should Know About This Blog

A friend and I were just talking about how misleading blogs can be sometimes. I don’t want mine to be one of those blogs. So, in the spirit of full disclosure and a reality check, I present to you, in no particular order, the things you should know about this blog.

  • The topics I write about are things I get excited about. The projects I write about are interests of mine. They are not the entirety of who I am.
  • I have a lot of flop ideas and boring parts of my life that I don’t write about. Maybe I should do that more, because the dull stuff is the stuff of life.
  • I make a lot of mistakes. Often big ones. I hope that my blog conveys that.
  • I usually either write at naptime or in the early mornings, then pre-schedule my posts.
  • I don’t like how much time the social media aspect of blogging consumes. I’m trying to figure out how to schedule my posts out on there and then have a designated time for response and interaction.
  • I don’t cook all the recipes I write on a regular basis. So I wrote a sourdough recipe– great! I love sourdough! But sometimes I go a month without making it. Please don’t be under the assumption that I am a sourdough baking, yogurt making, fermenting machine every single day.
  • I never do it all.
  • I get excited about good-for-you real food that tastes good too. I write about that a lot. But I don’t mind meeting my family at McDonald’s for a play place date on occasion. I know it’s bad for you. But it’s not our usual, and I don’t think it will kill us every once in a while.
  • I like chocolate. Is that related to blogging?
  • I started a blog, not because I think I have something super-awesome and new to offer to you, but because I like to write and I miss it when I’m not doing it.
  • Sometimes I think that blogs are a big distraction and a waste of time. When they become that, we should read fewer of them.
  • Sometimes I think my blogging-writing voice is kind of obnoxious.
  • I wish that I wrote about more intelligent things more often. But so far, I haven’t met that goal.
  • What works for my family may not work for you. Be thoughtful about what is good, and then do what you think is best.
  • Notice all the things I don’t write about: garden care, housekeeping, decor, animal health, and magical laundry that folds itself in your sleep. That’s because these are not my areas of expertise. There’s a lot I don’t know.
  • Sometimes the garden and canning and animal projects on the blog turn out well. Sometimes they don’t. That’s part of learning, growing, and the natural ebb and flow of things.
  • I am not the picture of health, even though I like learning about and writing about health topics.
  • I think that we should be good stewards of our bodies and the earth, but I also think that the pursuit of doing so can become an idol- one that can possibly be harmful to our thinking and our relationships. My hope is that this blog won’t lead anyone down the road of homesteading/natural living worship.
  • I make a (very) wee bit of money on my blog. I hope you don’t mind my monetizing it, because that helps me to stay home with my kids. I never endorse a product I don’t like, because that would be dishonest and silly.
  • Even though this blog is kind of in the “homesteading” niche, I don’t like the label. It makes me squirmy. But I’m still passionate about doing it.
  • I’m fairly clueless in a lot of ways.
  • Blogging is a welcome excuse to not clean my house or weed the flower beds.
  • I like writing. But I’d rather be hanging out with these guys and watching their antics. So you’ll excuse me. 😉

Things you should know about this blog