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Good Pickins’ #10

This weekend, four generations of my family are together at my grandmother’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s been a long time since all of us were together, so I am thrilled to get to spend time with my family in this way!

June 2014 113What does this picture have to do with Thanksgiving time, you may ask? Well, this photo of J won a summer photo contest at our local turkey/strawberry farm… and the prize was a free turkey! Thanks to my handsome little man surveying the John Deere, we can feast on poultry this year without spending a dime (on the bird, anyway).

On to the pickins’! I’ve got a theme going on this week- taking care of Turkey-Day leftovers, and taking care of sickness. Both duties have fallen upon me. I have a load of food to preserve for the coming weeks, and a head cold to boot. Here’s what I’ve been reading up on:

Thanksgiving Leftovers– Food Network has a great line up of turkey re-dos in both classic styles and ethnic twists. If you don’t know what to do with your leftovers, check out this collection!

Canning The Christmas Turkey– The Organic Prepper outlines an efficient run-down of how to make an easy, nourishing stock from your turkey carcass and then turn your leftovers into delicious soup in a pressure canner.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar– This article from  a mainline medical website confirms what natural health nuts have been saying for a long period of time now- apple cider vinegar does wonders! Read the whole article for uses and tips.

The Best Way to Boost Our Kids’ Immune Systems– Trina shares how health in the gut is great for avoiding sickness too! Read on to find out why you should start having more cultured dairy today.

Don’t forget to shop Small Business Saturday today! Hope you have a festive day today. 🙂

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