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Barn Light

Barn light

Barn light, grey by morning, golden green by evening, stretching patiently. She waits, she watches.

Boy, disinterested by instruction. Branch shaking, wood-knocking, tool-flinging. Boy, outdoors and running, bright, insatiable.

Girl, crying Yeshee! Syuck!, desperately pressing and pulling at freedom, yet restrained. Girl, unsettled, ambitious, undaunted.

Dam, childless on the stand. She stomps, snorts, chews, stomps. Eats, kicks, eats. Dam, the reluctant giver.

Mother, pressing on goat. Thoughts of control buzz like flies. They slip away as quickly. Mother, full of love and self-defeat.

Rain on roof, swollen stream downhill, distant traffic. Spiders like shadows in stop-action films, leaves poised in the water. Dank, damp earth, sweet hay, sour vinegar.

Barn light streams. Life, death, love, labor, pain, peace, notions voiced and unspoken live here.

Barn light. She waits, she watches.