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Good Pickins #11


December 2014 011This cute little munchkin is 18 months old today. My little girl is getting less and less like a baby each day with her ability to climb, say a small collection of words, and wee on the potty. I’m amazed by how much faster she seems to be growing up than her brother! I guess second children will do that to you.

Speaking of children growing up, my son is constantly wowing me with everything he’s learning and comprehending. My hubby and I were talking about whether or not we should try for home school kindergarten next fall (J will be five), and our discussion led to research. While we didn’t make a hard decision about how we will school him, we had some interesting discussion on the matter. Enter the first of the “pickins’.”

Much Too Early! by David Elkind, Ph.D. I often struggle between allowing my children to have a less structured early education (one where they do learn naturally through interacting in depth with their world) and encouraging them to do as much as they can as early as they can (pushing for academic rigor at a young age). This article, while not all-encompassing, piqued my interest and helped me to think through some of the implications and problems of imposing formal academic study on children who are not yet ready for it. I’d say this is an appropriate read for all parents of young children, regardless of your schooling choices.

Sourdough Pizza Crust– When you’re unsure of big decisions in life, like schooling for your children, pizza is a easy choice to make for dinner. 😉 This was my first time trying sourdough pizza crust, and boy, did it turn out well! The dough was stretchy and malleable- though it did want to keep springing back on me. It was fun to work with and cooperated when given periodic rests. And once baked? Bubbly, airy, beautiful pizzeria-style crust- all because of a little help from a starter.

Fun and Simple Advent Activities– Trina provides some low key ideas to keep you and your little ones merrily occupied between now and Christmas. If I get ambitious, I may try out her Christmas wreath tutorial too!

How to Feed Your Hens for Best Egg Production– Our hens are of laying age, but the days are so short and cold now that we think eggs will be unlikely until early spring. However, we are hopeful, and providing good nutrition for the girls throughout the cold months will help to keep them healthy and (maybe???) give them a head start for egg production. Now, even if they don’t actually lay, at least we’ll know they’re getting what they need. 🙂

I hope you have a marvelous Saturday! Happy reading!