When Your Coffee Pot Goes Kaputz

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What do you do when your coffee pot suddenly stops working? Run to the store? Order a new one online? Break into tears? Declare a state of national emergency?

Fear not, my friends, there is a solution to this madness.

It is called: boiling water.

When Your Coffee Pot Goes Kaputz

Boil your water via method of choice. We used our teapot on the stove, but you are welcome to build a fire in your backyard or focus some heat from the sun with a magnifying glass. Do whatever you need to do. Caffeine deficiency is a daunting and fearsome possibility to face.

Grind your coffee as usual. Unless that’s broken too- then you’ll need to get out your mortar and pestle. Or possibly your stone mill, lying overgrown by the weeds in the third field out from the farm.

Once your grounds are prepared, be they by blood, sweat, or tears, lovingly place them into your reusable filter. Or use those newfangled paper thingies.

Now, are you ready? Warm your hands. Take a deep breath. And pour the appropriate amount of boiled water verrrrry gradually over the grounds, directly into your carafe or other heat-proof coffee container.

January 2015 021(Sorry, I drank it before I took a picture.)

Can you can feel relief spreading through your veins? Revival is just before you. The nectar of life lay within your reach. You’ve got a real live pot of coffee, waiting to be consumed.

Pour a cuppa, sit back, and sip away. Keep calm & coffee on.


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