One Month of Frugal Meals

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I think almost all of us could say that at one time or another, we’ve wanted to cut back on our grocery bills. However, it’s easy to fall prey to meal-planning apathy and consequent high-cost impulse buys. It’s because I have this problem frequently that I put together this list of a month’s worth of frugal meals.

An entire month of frugal meals for planning and inspiration!

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The following round up includes:

  • 6 breakfast ideas
  • 4 meat recipes
  • 5 chicken meals
  • 11 soups & stews, with and without meat
  • 2 miscellaneous meatless mains
  • 9 extras (snacks, bread, drinks, etc.)

That means that this one post has 28 meals. There. Considering that you’ll likely eat out or eat leftovers for at least a few nights, your budget-friendly meal planning for this month is DONE. Am I right?

Some of the posts have more than one meal idea (easy chicken meals on the fly, homemade cereal recipes, etc.), so you can be flexible with them. If you don’t eat meat, many of these recipes can be made with a substitution.

A Month of Frugal Meals 


Eggs & Breakfast




Poultry & Fish


Soups & Stews



Snacks & Breads




Condiments, Toppings, Etc. 

That’s it for now! What will you try first?

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    1. Abi Post author

      Sure thing! I hope it’s helpful! I actually didn’t follow it this week… ha! But I am planning on scheduling from this list for next week. 🙂

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