The Ultimate Garden Planning & Seed Starting Guide

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Let me be honest. Deep down inside, I am NOT a green thumb. I love spending time in the garden. I’ve gardened for years- even as a teenager, under the direction of my gardening mother.But I truly believe our current garden would shrivel up due to my inept methods of care and lack of knowledge. (Thank goodness I’ve got a husband who knows how to make plants grow.)

Another confession: I’ve never started seeds on my own. I leave that little basement science experiment up to my husband. Though I’m familiar with the process and and have helped on the rare occasion, he’s the one in charge of growing conditions, charting sowing and emergence dates, hardening off the young plants and transplanting.

And yet, seed-starting season is upon us in our region. So, I defer to those I know and trust for the resources I need to get planning. Dearest husband, wouldn’t you want to write a seed-starting post for the blog? Pretty please? (I’m working on him. Keep your eyes peeled.)

I also asked my awesome blogger friends from Homestead Bloggers Network to share their posts on seed starting and garden planning. And holy cow, do these people know their stuff. I expected to gain some new knowledge, but I got nearly fifty posts submitted from these groovy gardening friends.

The ultimate resource guide to planning your garden this year!

So, get ready for the ultimate collection of anything you ever wanted to know about seed starting and gardening planning! (This post contains affiliate links.)

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Garden Planning

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  1. Planning Your Spring Garden by Survival at Home
  2. Garden Planning When You Aren’t Sure by Grace Garden and Homestead
  3. How to Grow a Garden by Homesteading on Grace
  4. How to Plan Your Garden by Pure Pearl Homestead
  5. Planting Timeline for Your Best Garden Ever! by The Cape Coop
  6. 5 Things to Consider Before Planning Your Vegetable Garden by Lady Lee’s Home
  7. Vegetable Gardening Basics: Choosing the Right Location by Lady Lee’s Home
  8. 7 Steps for Planning a Vegetable Garden by Lady Lee’s Home
  9. How to Track Shadows to Choose the Best Spot for Your Garden by Learning and Yearning
  10. Vegetable Gardening 101 by Learning and Yearning
  11. How to Choose the Right Seeds for Your Garden by Grow Cook Forage Ferment
  12. Garden Crop Rotation: A Simple System by Better Hens and Gardens
  13. Starting the Garden by Homeschooling the Well Prepared Child
  14. Plan Your Garden by Living Life in Rural Iowa
  15. Planning a Vegetable Garden with Meals in Mind by Untrained Housewife
  16. Garden Planning: How Much Do You Eat? by Untrained Housewife

Specific Garden Types

  1. Planning Your Natural Dye Garden by Joybilee Farm
  2. Tips for Making an Herb Garden Plan by Herbal Academy of New England
  3. Beginner’s Guide to Square Foot Gardening by The Cape Coop
  4. Square Foot Garden Layout by Essential Homestead
  5. 10 Herbs and Vegetables Perfect for Growing in a Shaded Garden by Untrained Housewife

Seed Starting Resources

  1. 10 Steps to Starting Seedlings Indoors by Grow a Good Life
  2. Seed Planting Schedule by Growing Organic
  3. Starting Seeds Indoors by the Cape Coop
  4. Quick and Easy Way to Start Seeds by Essential Homestead
  5. Give Your Plants a Head Start by Pre-Sprouting Seeds by Learning and Yearning
  6. Pre-Sprouting and Cutting Seed Potatoes by Better Hens and Gardens
  7. Starting Seeds by Living Life in Rural Iowa
  8. How to Harden Seedlings and Protect Your Garden by Herbal Academy of New England
  9. 5 Steps to Starting Seeds by Herbal Academy of New England
  10. Easy Seed Starting Guide by Herbal Academy of New England
  11. How to Plant Seedlings Outdoors by Untrained Housewife

Tools of the Trade

  1. How to Make Newspaper Seedling Pots by Stoney Acres
  2. Making Homemade Seedling Mix by Stoney Acres
  3. Using a Soil Blocker to Start Seeds by Schneider Peeps
  4. Making Soil Blocks to Start Seeds by Learning and Yearning
  5. Soil Blocks Grow Superior Seedlings by Better Hens and Gardens
  6. Can Fluorescent Shop Lights be Used to Start Seeds? By Learning and Yearning
  7. Make Your Own Seed Tape by Learning and Yearning
  8. Seed Starting Pot You Can Turn by Turning for Profit
  9. Seed Organizer by Frugal Mama and the Sprout

Courses & Resources


  1. Seed Starting Simplified– By the incredible Rick Stone! Grab this Udemy course for only $15 by using this link.
  2. Making 2016’s Seed Starting & Planting Schedule (with downloadable template) by Better Hens and Gardens.
  3. Garden Planning Calculator by Seeds for Generations- what a clever tool!
  4. The Art of Gardening by Susan Vinskovski. (You can read my full review of this book here.)
  5. Gardening Like a Ninja by Angela England

There you have it… 46 resources on all things garden planning & seed starting. Have at it, and don’t forget to grab your printable seed starting planner here.


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Garden Planning & Seed Starting Guide

  1. Julia Wyman

    Great and very helpful post! Already done with the seed starters and still not finished with planning the garden for this year. My husband and I just started preparing the soil in the outside beds during the weekend and my girls are very happy to help with the work. Thank you for sharing these nice ideas. Happy gardening!


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