Infinity Jars: Glass Storage for Herbal Products

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I like to dabble in homemade remedies for all occasions. Each summer, I forage plants for herbal teas. We make plantain vinegar for treating bee stings. I mix my own anti-tick spray each spring. I use simple homemade body butter to soothe dry skin.

One problem with this hobby of mine is proper storage. I am a huge lover of mason jars and use them for all occasions. But there are times that their shape is just not practical.

For instance, I recently traveled to my grandmother’s with an 8-oz jelly jar full of body butter rolling around in my suitcase. I suppose I could have just brought enough for the weekend if I had a smaller container.

Don’t get me wrong- mason jars are FANTASTIC for canning, gift giving, hot meal packing, etc. However, they are just not really meant for herbal storage. I’ve had herbs go moldy on me because of accidental exposure to moisture. They’ve also gotten pale and lost their verve over months stored in a clear jar on a windowsill. Oops.

I was recently introduced to Infinity Jars, a company offering a variety of glass storage bottles that would meet my needs. They seemed to be a great storage solution for my tinctures, sprays, and other homemade herbal products.

Infinity Jars Review

I was offered a free set of Infinity Jars in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Here’s what makes Infinity Jars unique:

  • Ultraviolet glass: The pretty violet glass blocks out harmful rays that degrade food, but allows infrared and UV-A rays.
  • Airtight: No air can get in to gradually deteriorate products.
  • Smell proof: Foods, herbs, and cosmetics retain their original scent.
  • Freshness guarantee: Infinity Jars guarantees that your products will remain fresh and protected for at least 6 months.

It seemed to me that Infinity Jars could serve as an effective storage method for some of my most precious herbs and concoctions. They promise to preserve their contents’ freshness for considerably longer than your average container. Not to mention, glass jars won’t taint the good stuff inside with gross plastic smells!

These are some serious jars, and they are definitely an investment for frugally minded people. If you’re interested in trying them, I would recommend purchasing one or two at a time for your favorite herbal products to see how you like them. Bonus: Infinity Jars is currently offering 10% off your purchase on their website.

Here’s what I got from Infinity Jars & how I plan to use them:

My order arrived packed so well that you could probably drop it from the second story without breaking anything! So far, my containers have also proven to be quite sturdy. Additionally, the jars came with a soft cleaning cloth and a stick-on label for each container- that’s so you tell what’s inside that dark glass.

I’m enjoying my Infinity jars, and I think they will really come in handy for my herbal adventures. Infinity Jars offers quality containers with an impressive shelf-life promise, and they are as beautiful as they are functional. You can order your own ultraviolet glass jars here.

Have you tried Infinity Jars? Share your feedback below! 


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