Ornament Counting Activity for Preschoolers

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Here’s a preschool math/ fine motor activity that will take you about 30 seconds to set up and keep your kiddo going for much longer than that.


You’ll need paper, a pen, and some stickers that will suffice as ornaments. (Here are some cheap ones, though I got mine at the dollar store.) If you don’t have the stickers, your kiddos can draw the ornaments, or use a bingo marker to make ball ornaments. I was going to make you a printable, but honestly, you can probably draw basic trees faster than the printer can print them, and why waste the ink?

This is so simple I shouldn’t be writing a blog post on it. Really, it’s just an activity idea to give you enough time to throw dinner together without the hounds at your heels. 🙂 (Peeling stickers, for some reason, provides endless entertainment to my children. Do your kids like them too?)

All you’ve got to do is draw trees and numbers of your choice underneath. Do several sheets if you want! Have your kiddos count out that number of ornaments to stick on the tree. Conversely, your child could place ornaments as he pleases and then he could count how many he stuck after the fact.

This can serve as a number tracing activity for beginning writers. Or, for older children, write simple addition or subtraction equations beneath the trees instead of only writing one number. I’m sure you can think of other age-appropriate extension activities for your child!

Happy sticking. 🙂


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