Alphabet Rocks

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Who needs alphabet blocks when you have alphabet rocks?

Alphabet Rocks

We get tired of using the same old homeschool manipulatives and tools over and over, so anything that 1) is a little bit novel, 2) is something my kids can do by themselves, or 3) gets them outside is always a refreshing for us.

This idea doesn’t require a tutorial. You will find no long post explaining how awesome my alphabet rocks are. I actually probably shouldn’t even spend a blog post on this, but hey- I’ve got a newborn, so that’s my excuse. 😉

Just get some pebbles and write letters on them in permanent marker. Then carry on with all your phonics and spelling activities as usual.

Alphabet Rock WordsIf you’re feeling ambitious, you could make capital and lowercase sets, multiple sets, or number/math sets. As a bonus, they also make for fun sensory play for little siblings. We stored ours in a small wooden box when we finished with them.

That’s all, folks. Have fun!

Pile of Alphabet Rocks


2 thoughts on “Alphabet Rocks

  1. Ann Garczynski

    When my son was about 2, we used a magna doodle. It had a similar concept. He learned to read so fast, it was scary. The rocks are a great idea, I’m sorry I didn’t think of it for him.

    1. Abi Post author

      Oh, good idea, though! We have a magnadoodle, but it has sat unused for a while… I will have to pull it out again. 🙂


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