Traceable Valentine’s Conversation Hearts

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Looking for a simple preschool Valentine’s project that isn’t too frou-frou? We decided to make some simple traceable Valentine’s conversation hearts the other day! These can be used at home for schooling or to give away to friends as reusable Valentines. It’s easy to do, and gives your little ones lots of opportunities to practice different fine motor skills.

traceable conversation hearts

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First, I made a heart template, and J and I took turns tracing and cutting them out of construction paper. (Try stacking and cutting several sheets at once to expedite this process.)

january 2015 001

Next, I wrote Valentiney  words on all of the hearts, keeping in the conversation heart style. (I opted out of phrases like, “Call me baby” and “Be mine, sweet thing” for this project. 🙂 )

january 2015 003You could just leave the hearts as they are for tracing with a crayon, or you can laminate and reuse them with a dry-erase marker.

I got a cheap laminator a couple of years ago at Aldi’s, which has been thoroughly awesome for a lot of our homeschooling projects and general “office” needs. (I put office in quotes because I type at my kitchen table. We have no home office!) You could try this laminator with pouches included if you’re interested in owning your own, or you could check to see if your local library provides laminating services.

january 2015 004After our hearts went through the laminator, we trimmed off the excess plastic. And bam, you’ve got a reusable, Valentine’s tracing activity! Just wipe it with a damp towel in between uses.

Notice the tongue out in concentration as he writes:

january 2015 010 january 2015 012 january 2015 014I’m proud of my little man’s work. 🙂 Happy tracing to you all!


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