Good Pickins’ #25

2018 Holiday Sale on herbal courses!

Well, it’s late April- and it’s snowing here as I type this. Sigh. But I’m not complaining. No, I’m not. Because soon I’ll be a largely pregnant woman roasting glorying in the heat of the summer sun. 😉

This week, we finally have enough green in our yard that I’ve been able to really start foraging spring greens! I’ve been so excited that I find I’m looking for excuses to go out snipping dandelion greens, nettle, chives, and plantain. Delicious!

wild greensNow, onto this week’s pickins’:

Easiest Homemade Yogurt- A yogurt that cultures at room temperature with no extra steps? Now I have no excuse not to make my own yogurt, ever. Thanks, Make It Grow It, for this genius method!

Solar Cooking 101– How cool is this? Trayer Wilderness has a bunch of ideas and recipes for how to cook food in a solar oven. I’ve seen kids making mini-solar ovens out of pizza boxes for a science project- and guess what? Adults can too. Here’s instructions for making your own inexpensive backyard solar oven.

Gardening with Kids– I LOVED this post from Turner Farm Living. J has always enjoyed helping out in the garden, and he’s working on his own little plot this year. I really resonated with a lot of the principles in this post.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle: I bought the Ultimate DIY Bundle last month, and it is great! This month, the folks at Ultimate Bundles have another fantastic, fast-moving deal: For only two more days, you can get a whopping 99 e-books, e-courses, and bonus offers for only $29.97. One of the courses, A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies, is worth $99 alone! I’m still working my way through all the awesome resources in the DIY Bundle, but if you are remotely interested in improving in homemaking areas like cleaning, DIY, faith, finances, cooking, homeschooling, marriage, organizing, mothering, working from home, self-care… you name it- this bundle has something in it for you. Snag yours before 11:59 on Monday, April 27th.

The Essential Oils Revolution– I’ve used essential oils on and off for years now, but I’ve recently developed renewed interest in learning how to best make use of what I have. This event, much like the Homegrown Food Summit, is a free online educational event discussing various aspects of essential oil safety, information, and health-care. Sign up to register and attend from May 11-18.


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