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I wanted to write a brief post to announce the arrival of our sweet surprise baby girl!

Meeting Baby IThe little miss was born safely at home last Thursday, August 13th, at 9:28 p.m. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 10 oz (the smallest of my three babies), and was 20.5″ long.

I will write her whole birth story out in the next few weeks. But here’s the short version: I had about 9 hours of putzy, slow labor that never really kicked in. We followed by artificially breaking my water, and finished up with a quick, intense 28 minutes until she was born. While the labor was challenging for me emotionally, it was the easiest on me physically out of my three births.

Baby girl #3We are happy to have our beautiful baby “I” with us at last, after these 41 weeks of pregnancy. The kids have welcomed her with open arms and lots of love. She is a reminder of peace and contentment to us as we adjust to our family of five.

J and I V and IWelcome, sweet little one. We are so glad you joined us!

You should know that I do have some posts pre-scheduled to go up on the blog- so I’ll still be around, though the posts may slow down a bit and I may be a bit delayed in my responses to reader comments. Stick with us while we spend some time enjoying our babymoon! We’ll be back in business soon. 🙂




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