Hunkering Down

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Well, it’s October, folks. Oh wait. It’s halfway through October. How did this happen already?


I’m back to part time work teaching voice, and picking up extra days subbing while another teacher is away. To be honest, I’m exhausted and emotionally shot from trying to wear too many hats and being away from the kids so much.

My husband just started pursuing his Master Gardener certification while still keeping up with the gazillion and one responsibilities that come with being a junior high/high school teacher. He’s also picking up some of my domestic slack. (I love this guy.)

Between the two of us working so much, we haven’t had a single night with both of us home this week, and that’s hard on all of us.

While all the activities are picking up, the animals are slowing down. The hens have stopped laying for the time being. The goat is still giving milk, but not a ton. We’re thinking about trying to breed her this winter, but as of yet, we have no idea what we’re doing with that.

There are still apples lurking in my basement and kitchen that need to be dried and made into sauce. Leeks in the garden. Cabbage to be preserved. I haven’t touched it at all this week. Maybe this weekend.

The garden was slow this year. I don’t have nearly as many tomatoes, frozen summer squash, or broccoli/cauliflower as we did last year. The grocery bills are mounting, and I’m disappointed about that. But we do have lots of winter squash and potatoes. It’s better than nothing.

I feel like we’re already hunkering down for the cold weather. I want to just slow down when I’m able. I need to take time with the kids and make sure I’m keeping my postpartum sanity.

I can’t possibly keep up with everything right now. I’ve got to remind myself every day to keep at it and keep it positive.


As my mom would say, I’m not complaining- I’m just reporting. 🙂

I prize those quiet few minutes before bed when the house is calm and we have no place to go. The days go by too fast, and there’s never enough hours for everything. We’re already pulling on our sweaters and socks around here, and winter will swiftly follow autumn with its long months of ice and snow and wet. It will all come and go before I know it.

Prepare my heart to face the days, lest I grow weary of it all. Let me bundle up and embrace this season of life.



2 thoughts on “Hunkering Down

  1. Jen

    This is why I love and hate autumn. I love the colors, scents, and abundance on harvest time. Yet through all of it is the hint of winter, the quiet warning that it will end all too soon and the cold will settle in.

    On a side note, I took the MG certification last year….hope your husband is enjoying it! Lots of info….maybe too much. The three hour class on turfgrass management was the point in the course when I was just like, “nope.” 😉 But it was good overall!


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