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Hi, folks.

It has been forever. The last post I wrote was my fourth baby’s birth story, and here we are, well over a year later. I’m sorry for up and leaving and never saying a word.

I have been missing you all dearly, and missing writing. Blogging in particular has such a nice dynamic- It’s so pleasant to share something with you, hear from you, learn from you.

Over the last several months, I’ve been wracking my brain about how to keep my foot in the blog-o-sphere. You see, I love blogging here at the Goats page (capital G because certainly those Goats have earned proper noun status by now), but it’s become clear to me that this blog has outgrown itself. Here’s what I mean.

They’re Not Our Goats started as a lifestyle/natural living type blog. But as the years went on, I found myself falling more and more into the homestead niche. This was really very wonderful to take part in. I got to share what my husband and I were learning on our own mini-homestead adventures, and got to learn from a ton of you and from other bloggers too.

The year before having our fourth baby, however, our lives were turned upside down. The pregnancy was a surprise, so naturally we had a lot of concerns and life decisions to make. We had an almost-move halfway across the state, but ended up staying where we were. During this time, our work situation changed drastically.

That year, we didn’t garden. I don’t think I canned, or if I did, it wasn’t much. I stopped baking bread most of the time. I wasn’t thinking about fermenting or raising animals or doing nifty DIY projects. I was just thinking about surviving.

In the end, our sweet baby came, and we just love her to pieces.

This year after having baby W has been spent growing, healing, and staying a little quieter. I’ve been settling into homeschooling more deeply and I’m only working outside of the home very part time.

You know what else I’m learning to do?

To relax my standards.

I’m coming to accept that it’s okay to garden, but we don’t have to grow everything we eat. It’s okay if we don’t get more chickens this spring. It’s okay to make bread when I have time, and buy it on the weeks that I don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE living life with all things homemade. But I also have to be realistic about what kinds of pressures I put on myself.

This is what I mean about the blog outgrowing itself- I simply can’t keep up with writing this type of content while I am not investing in bettering my own self-sufficiency skills in real life. While trying to live on a mini-farm certainly stole my heart, my priorities right now are just not about becoming as “farm girl” as I possibly could be.

BUT I still really want to write.

So, naturally, since I am insane, I am starting a new blog.


For the past year, I’ve been sitting on a homeschooling blog. I wasn’t ready to dive in until recently.

But, I took the plunge. In January, I bought a domain. I set up a blog. (Whew, I forgot how much went into setting up a blog!) I’ve been back in my writing, editing, social sharing frenzy– and LOVING it again.

I am now the proud owner of Woven Homeschool.

I did consider just shifting to more homeschool related posts here on this blog, since I already have it as a category of posts. However, most of my audience was here to find more information on traditional skills, not hearing about my homeschool journey.

SO, if you are at all interested in homeschooling, or you’re a homeschool parent, or you just want to support me because you like me- you like me, right?- then head over to my new site and check it out.

If you really want to make my day,  you can follow the new blog on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, and tell your friends about it too. #shamelessplug

Now, lest you are fainting with fear in your hearts, They’re Not Our Goats isn’t going anywhere for now. I will still renew the blog domain and hosting every year, so long as I can afford it.  All of my posts will stay active, and you can still access the information on this site.

I know I will miss this space terribly, so who knows- I may occasionally write a new post or share a new resource here. I will not shut the doors to that possibility.

You guys who came back to read post after post, who cheered me on and encouraged me, have been absolutely amazing.

Thank you for EVERYTHING.

Hope to see you at the other blog. Much love to you all.



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