How to Make Kombucha

“What is kombucha?” ask many of my inquisitive visitors. They’re inquiring about the jars sitting on my countertop filled with brown liquid and unidentifiable floating clumps. Now, in my world, kombucha has been around for several years as those pricey little bottles in the health food store. I really liked it, but only bought it […]

One Month of Frugal Meals

I think almost all of us could say that at one time or another, we’ve wanted to cut back on our grocery bills. However, it’s easy to fall prey to meal-planning apathy and consequent high-cost impulse buys. It’s because I have this problem frequently that I put together this list of a month’s worth of frugal […]

9 Ways (and counting…) to Save Money on Organic Food

This post has been updated to (hopefully) give you real-foodists even more helpful ideas to save money. 🙂 It contains affiliate links- that means if you make a purchase through a link, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for your amazing support.  Love buying organic but hate the price? […]

The Craft of Herbal Fermentation: A Course Review

Foraging for plants in your neighborhood. Fermentation and bubbling jars. Homemade concoctions and kitchen experiments. Community. Joy! Can the combination get any better? I received a free copy of the Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.  If you’ve been reading for […]

Fermentation: Building Culture & Community

Lacto-fermentation is a hot trend right now. However, though it may seem like a new thing for young, health-conscious weirdos, the practice has  been around for thousands of years. In fact, for about as long as there have been people, there has been fermentation. As it turns out, it’s also been a huge part of […]

Adventures in Making Herbal Ale

To me, herbal ale homebrewing conjures up images of a hipster with a man bun tinkering away in his home kitchen laboratory. He sniffs at delicate green herbs and tastes worts with care and refinement. He pours carefully from carboy to bottle, and shares generously with his skinny jean wearing friends. Happily, brewing herbal ale […]

Things I Love About the Healthy Living Bundle

Do you ever feel like you’re lost in a jungle instead of growing a garden? Do you feel frustrated that you have to keep trying to feed your kids good choices? Tired of deciding which essential oil you should use? Feel like all your chickens are plotting against you? Puzzled by wild foods? Okay, okay, so I’m […]

How to Ferment Rhurbarb (+ Probiotic Rhubarb Lemonade Recipe)

Rhubarb pie in the summer Rhubarb pie made by my mother Nothing better in the winter Than rhubarb pie after dinner! There you go. Now you, too, can sing this song to yourself repeatedly when rhubarb comes into season. You’re welcome. However, today, I am not going to talk about rhubarb pie or give you […]

What’s Up with Fermentation?

I love fermented vegetables. Maybe that sounds completely normal, or completely disgusting to you. If it’s the latter, believe me, I understand. I felt the same way at first. If you’ve never eaten a fermented vegetable, it’s probably not something you’d try without some hesitation. After all, why would one take perfectly beautiful carrots and make them bubble and […]

Why I’m Glad I Bought The Healthy Living Bundle

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard some mention of the current Healthy Living Bundle. I’ve been talking about it, readers are talking about it, writers all over the blogosphere have been talking about it. I’m sorry to say, I’m going to mention it again because today is the LAST day it’s […]