Good Pickins’ Summer Vacation!

Happy mid-June, all!

Summer Vacation

This big girl turns TWO today. (You can read her birth story here.) She’s such a little free spirit, carefree and funny and often smiling. She likes silly poses and sparkly necklaces (don’t know where she gets that one from) and can outclimb most toddlers I know. She’s changed us for good- and helped me to loosen up as a mama a bit more too.

I decided that my Saturday Good Pickins’ posts need to go on vacation for the summer. (Sorry Mom, I know you like them.) There are three main reasons for this:

1) I want to spend less time in front of the computer and more with my family. (Especially since hubby is home for the summer.) One less post to type each week helps me reach this goal. (I’ll still briefly share what I’m reading through my Facebook page, my Pinterest boards, and my Twitter, so you can feel free to follow along where it suits you best. 🙂 )

2) I need to prepare for the birth of this third baby! That means a room-rearranging, dresser-clearings, more appointments with my midwife & birth team, etc. It also means getting ahead in blogging a bit more so you guys don’t miss me too much while I’m recovering. 😉

3) I’d like to establish a newsletter and work on a few improvements to the blog as my own little summer project. So keep your eyes peeled for updates as I play with some of my ideas!

That being said, I will still be posting my normal content on a regular basis. (Never fear. I knew you were worried.) I’m looking forward to enjoying this summer along with you!

I’m off to  party with my sweet V. Stay cool this Saturday!

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